Whiplash injury is damage of the soft tissues in the area of the neck otherwise known as neck strain and neck sprain. Whiplash generally takes place because of vehicle collisions and might also involve damage to vertebral discs, suspensory ligaments, cervical structure and neurological components. Neck pain could be felt immediately following the accident or might be absent until a few days later. Besides neck pain, additional indications could involve stiffness in the neck, damage to the muscles and tendons, head aches, faintness, strange feelings like burning or tingling and back pain. Moreover, some individuals suffer from amnesia, focus impairment, anxiety, frustration, insomnia or exhaustion.

Pain treatment for men and women who suffer from whiplash injury could consist of pain relief medications, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, osteopathic manipulation, naprapathy and cold laser therapy. Cervical traction and supplemental heat application may relieve muscle tension.

pain from whiplash

Such are the symptoms of whiplash injury.