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Healthy Thyroid: Iodine Weight Loss

Medical Information:
Name: Hypothyroidism
CPT Code: 83018
Procedure Type: Iodine, Urine - per 24h
How Performed: Quantitative ICP Spectrometry Panel

Performance Weight Loss

"Iodine is crucial for the regular operation of a healthy thyroid gland. Too little iodine in your diet may cause a slow thyroid, leading to uncontrolled cause of weight gain, exhaustion, and swelling below the jaw line".

If adjusting your diet and exercising more has not helped you accomplish a healthy body weight, you could have hypothyroidism, or an under-active thyroid gland.

Fortunately, you can help normalize an underactive thyroid gland by raising your consumption of the mineral iodine.

"The healthy operation of the thyroid is crucial to keeping metabolism and preventing the accumulation of body fat," writes Burton Goldberg in Alternative Medicine. Your metabolism is slowed by an under-active thyroid gland; so you burn dramatically fewer calories and feel sluggish.

Hypothyroidism and weight gain will happen, when you've too little iodine in your daily diet.

iodine for weight loss and performance

"I consider that an inadequate consumption of organic iodine in today's modern diet has caused a serious and persistent type of low grade hypothyroidism," writes Donald R. Yance, Jr. in Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer.

Raising your iodine level will enable metabolic rate and your thyroid function to return to a performance weight loss condition. After-effects observed following thyroid removal operation helped demonstrate the link between metabolism and the thyroid gland to the medical community. Unless your thyroid has been completely removed or damaged, your symptoms won't be quite so acute; however, even reasonable hypothyroidism can cause you to gain weight and body fat.

It is also possible to take too much iodine or a harmful processed source of iodine. Too much iodine or many commercial sources of iodine lead to hypothyroidism while some processed iodines contain ingredients that are proven to cause the toxic side effects mistakenly associated with this beneficial element. The key to winning the battle of this bulge is knowing what kind of iodine / iodide is best for you and the correct daily dose that is not too much or too little to achieve healthy performance weight loss.

Elemental Iodine Therapy

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Will iodine give me a long lasting weight loss result compared to crash and fad diets?
Doctor: Iodine is one of the most important element to affect the Thyroid and the entire endocrine system. The reproductive system is also protected by Iodine from reproductive cancers. The Thyroid gland regulates metabolism and with out Iodine / Iodide with a Potassium catalyst the thyroid gland can not function at an optimal level. Reply
Amanda: I have read a lot of claims about it causing weight loss. Does what you said mean that it could or will cause long term weight loss? Thank you in advance Dr. Barnes.
Doctor: Yes.
has not yet rated this answer: ?
A couple of weeks ago I began taking 50 mg of iodoral iodine a day. A regular checkup a few days ago revealed low density lipoprotein LDL at 237 with cholesterol over 285. Are these high numbers caused by fat breaking down in less time?
Doctor: No, Iodine Iodide will detoxify halides binded with your iodine receptors. Iodine Iodide also increases metabolizism by facilitating thyroiodoperoxidase vital to healthy metabolic function. Iodine Iodide also causes regulation of the thyroid by by binding with Thyroxsine and facilitating T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6 and T7. All of these biochemical interaction due affect Pyruvic acid phase in the liver, but not only indirectly. So the answer is complexed. There is other hormonal communication that is facilitated by other biochemical pathways. Please make an appointment and I will review your labs. Reply